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Your Online Advertising Agency

When we speak about online advertising we are focusing on the bidding of ad placements in search engine results or display ads across various websites. Sometimes online advertising is referred to as pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

Why Should WSI Connect be Your Online Advertising Agency?

The WSI Connect approach to online advertising is to first, gain a clear understanding of your business, target markets, products, and services so that we can develop and implement ongoing campaigns that are highly productive.

We are a Google partner and have in-depth experience working with a wide range of companies to manage their online advertising campaigns.

The value of online advertising is the ability to laser focus your budget within a specific range of time so that your prospects see your ad. The biggest drawback is that a poorly configured campaign will burn through your budget quickly while producing a poor ROI.

Here is a breakdown of the two core methods of online advertising:

Paid Search – This is creating text ads that appear in search engine results. The basic approach is, to begin with a service such as Google AdWords (this allows you to display ads that lead to your website in Google’s search results) choose a set of keywords to bid on, specify geographic parameters, set spending limits, and create your ads.

A few essentials to being successful with paid search:
  • Only focus on keywords that show buying intent. For example, a pest control company should not bid on the keyword “termite” because “termite” is an informational search term. Rather they should focus on terms such as “termite inspection” because it has clear buying intent.
  • Create compelling ad text. The goal for an ad is to get the click.   It is competing with the other ads as well as organic search results. It is the text that must be tailored in a way that stands out.
  • Optimize all of the possible ad extensions. AdWords offers many different methods of expanding the amount of space that your ads take up by building out the call extensions, sitelinks extensions, callout extensions, location extensions, etc.
  • Create and test multiple ads for every category of service or product that you offer.

Display Advertising – Display advertising is the creation of ad graphics that are displayed on websites that have dedicated space specifically for advertisements. For example, almost all news outlets have advertising space on their websites. To participate in digital advertising we utilize the ad network provided by Google AdWords.

A few essentials to being successful with display advertising:
  • Professional ad design. Your ads will be displayed, for the most part, on media sites that have a number of ads on the same page. It is very difficult to capture a reader’s attention and only the most compelling ads get the click.
  • Utilize remarketing. This is the most powerful feature of any form of online advertising. Remarketing is showing ads to people that have already visited your website. It provides the ability to reinforce your brand, products, and services, to the most targeted audience available.
  • Weed out the websites that are not the right fit for your brand and avoid low converting categories such as gaming or dating sites.

Interested in leveraging WSI Connect as your online marketing agency?

When done correctly, online advertising can be a very lucrative method of marketing. Contact WSI Connect if you would like a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help your business grow as your online marketing agency.

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