In this 11:37 minute video, Maile Ohye, Google’s Developer Programs Tech Lead, defines a clear process to follow when hiring an SEO agency.

Maile provides a clear explanation about what SEO is and how it should fit into a business’ overall marketing strategy.


At WSI Connect we follow the same process that Maile recommends when evaluating an SEO agency. Here is the summary of her recommended process:

  1. Conduct a 2-way interview with your potential SEO. Check that they seem genially interested in you and your business.
  2. Check their references.
  3. Ask for (and you’ll probably have to pay for) a technical and search audit.
  4. Decide if you want to hire.

This happens to be the same core process that we’ve followed with our clients since inception.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business develop and implement a clear digital marketing strategy, reach out to schedule a discovery call.

About Luke Middendorf

At WSI Connect we leverage digital marketing to help our clients generate more leads, convert prospects into customers, and increase repeat and referral business. At the end of the day our success is measured by the profits generated by our customers through our marketing campaigns.